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Sweden Street is ready to help you solve your software challenges. New projects, updates, overhauls, process improvements - whatever your needs, our diverse team of experts can deliver it.
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Sweden Street is a software consulting company based in Maine. We help our clients by delivering custom designed software or helping knock out projects you already have in flight. Our primary tools are .NET and Angular applications hosted in the cloud.


If you are looking to expand your market reach or give a fresh look to your existing applications, we can help you determine the best course to take. Our team can help you get to market faster with a robust solution you and your customers will love.

Web Applications

We create web applications that are easy to interact with on any device. Automated testing combined with usability testing ensures a positive experience for your customers.

Back-end Services

We build robust and secure back-end services that are flexible enough to stand the test of time.

Development Processes

We utilize best practices that allow for efficient collaboration and software delivery. We seek to reduce errors and speed up development through increased process automation.

Bench Strength

We provide you access to a diverse lineup of skilled experts when you need them.

Objective analysis and advice

As outsiders we provide you with the information that is best for your company without being distracted by internal politics and interpersonal baggage.

Simplified costs

Easily quantify how much you are spending and what you are getting in return.

Who We Are

Sweden Street was created by four developers who wouldn't settle for good enough. Driven to exceed expectations, we strive to improve all aspects of software development. We view each new day as an opportunity to have fun and achieve great things. In order to deliver exceptional value we bring a wealth of experience and an outside perspective. We will examine what you are doing now and work to improve your code and your processes.

  • 2004

    A Chance Meeting

    The winds of time brought our founders together all under the same roof in an office on Sweden Street. While working at a large tax and accounting software company we interacted and began to forge a bond that would last for years to come.

  • 2007

    Breaking Ground and Building Up

    Seeking to do something more than average, Steve Wimmer took a chance and forged out on his own. When his client list expanded and responsibilities increased, Steve reached out to his former coworkers whom he respected. In 2014 we began a new full time project with four employees.

  • August

    Sweden Street Is Born

    10 years ago we met on Sweden Street and after all going separate ways we find ourselves back on this street again.

  • 2024

    Partner With Success

    Let's grow together. Sweden Street is ready to deliver your software solution today.

Our Founders

Steve Wimmer - Founder - Principal Consultant

Steve Wimmer

Founder - Principal Consultant

Shannon Dubay - Founder - Principal Consultant

Shannon Dubay

Founder - Principal Consultant

Join Our Team

We are looking for talented software developers as well as those interested in becoming talented software developers to join our team. Our team is distributed, so we work with people who are capable of managing themselves. Our developers all work from home and for the most part set our own hours. We are a small team, so the opportunities are quite varied on each project. We can offer mentoring in both software development as well as getting you started working remotely. In return we only ask for your best effort. We have an outstanding team and very high expectations of ourselves and our team members. To ensure we are a good fit for each other, we'll start with part time and grow from there.

Sweden Street is a small company providing all facets of software solutions development. We work in a variety of industries helping our clients create line of business and e-commerce applications, SaaS solutions and a variety of other web applications.

If you've got a desire to learn, a strong work ethic, can manage your time effectively and want to experience software development with a pretty awesome team, you can contact us via the form below.

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